Travel Clinic

We offer an NHS vaccination service for travellers. It is important when you are planning to travel abroad that you make an appointment with a Practice Nurse 6 to 8 weeks before you travel.  Our travel consultations are very popular and do get booked up quickly, so it is important to book early to avoid disappointment.

The following travel vaccines are available free on the NHS and are the only ones we offer:

These vaccines are free because they protect against diseases thought to represent the greatest risk to public health if they were brought into the country.

Please be aware that we no longer provide private travel vaccinations. We ask you to arrange your own private travel consultation at a clinic of your choice to discuss with them any additional vaccinations that your trip may require.

You’ll have to pay for travel vaccinations against:

Yellow fever vaccines are only available from designated centres.

The cost of travel vaccines that are not available on the NHS will vary, depending on the vaccine and number of doses you need. We do not offer these vaccinations.

There is further information about countries and vaccinations required below.

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Use of Diazepam to help with a fear of flying:

At London Lane Clinic, we will NOT prescribe Diazepam for patients who wish to use it for fear of flying. We have made this decision for the following reasons:

  1. Diazepam is a sedative.
  2. Sedative drugs can make you fall asleep which could place you at an increased risk to developing blood clots (DVT) especially if your flight is over 4 hours long.
  3. Diazepam is a benzodiazepine and a small proportion of people experience effects of agression, disinhibition and behave in ways that they normally wouldn’t do. This could impact on safety of you and your fellow travellers or could lead you to get in trouble with the law.
  4. National prescribing guidelines don’t allow the use of benzodiazepines in cases of phobia.
  5. In several countries, diazepam and similar drugs are illegal.
  6. Diazepam has a long half-life which means it stays in your system for a significant period of time and you may fail random drug testing if you are subjected to such testing.

See below for further details.