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Patient Involvement Groups (also known as Patient Participation Groups) have a key role to play in the workings of a practice as they help ensure patients and their carers can influence their local services.

The role of the Patient Involvement Group includes:

  • being a critical friend to the practice
  • advising the practice on patient perspective, providing an insight into the quality of services
  • encouraging patients to take greater responsibility for their own health
  • researching the views of those who use the practice
  • participating in health promotion events
  • regularly communicating with the patient population.

If you would be prepared to help us with our Patient Involvement Group, please complete the information below.

Interest from people with experience and/or knowledge of any of the following would be most welcome:-

  • Disability
  • Mental health problems
  • Young people’s needs
  • Cancer and other incurable conditions
  • Carer duties.

The special needs of these patients can be overlooked in the system and additional focus within the Patient Involvement Group could provide useful suggestions for improvements.

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