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We are delighted to announce that we have a new phone system, going live on Friday 16th February at 10am. 

The benefits to you the patients are:

  • Call-back option – no need to wait on the phone
    • When calling you will know your position in the queue.  If you choose the call-back option, your call will hold its position in the queue.
    • When your call gets to the top of the queue, we will call you back.
      • We will try two times
    • If you call from a Withheld number, the call-back function is NOT available
  • All calls – both inbound and outbound – will be recorded
    • Easily accessible for future reference if required
    • Will be used for training and monitoring purposes
  • Calls can be switched easily between audio and video calls (Smartphones/Computers/Laptops)
    • No need for another app to be download
    • Can help with consultations

We are very excited by the potential improvements that we will all see with our new phone system.  We have been as frustrated with our current system as you have been. Please bear with us as we get used to it.

All requests for appointments should go via e-Consult on our home page. In addition we do have appointments available online via the NHS App – so download it now.